For its location in the “Ring of Fire” of the Western Pacific Ocean, Taiwan is believed to be pregnant with great potential for geothermal development. As stated in National Energy Policy, development of geothermal energy is of crucial importance to baseload power supply. The GSMMA has accordingly launched an investigation project starting in 2020 and extending into 2023 to identify and assess regions thought to host considerable geothermal resources, notably the Tatun Volcanic area and Ilan region. Various advanced techniques-geophysical exploration, fracture measurement, geochemical analysis, and other allied technologies-have been adopted to study potential areas for geothermal energy. Meanwhile, a platform of geothermal database will be constructed to share and exchange magnetotellurics, gravity, magnetic features and other related data. Ultimately, the GSMMA expects to develop a 3D geothermal conceptual model for each surveyed and studied geothermal potential area to guide advanced drilling and subsequent geothermal potential assessment.

The Geothermal Exploration Information System, or GeoTEX, utilizes web, graphic, and 3D mapping platforms to showcase underground spatial information. Our goal for this user-friendly platform is to integrate exploration technology and survey data, uncover the complex structure beneath the earth's surface, evaluate the potential for geothermal development and utilization, and sustainably harness the precious green energy of geothermal power.