Terms of Use:
If users access and use the services offered by Geothermal Exploration System (https://geotex.geologycloud.tw/map?locale=en) of Geological Survey and Mining Management Agency, you have agreed and accept the terms of use. If you don’t agree with any portion of this Agreement, please do not use the services.
  1. The rights to the data content displayed in the system belong to the original data-producing or authoritative institutions. Any reproduction of such data must not harm the rights of any third party, the GSMMA, or the original data-producing or authoritative institutions.
  2. The survey data provided by the system is re-registered based on written materials from various data-producing units. In cases of discrepancies, the original written materials prevail. For any doubts, please directly contact the respective original data-producing units.
  3. The GSMMA has bear no responsibility for the availability, immediacy, security or reliability of the offered service. That is, the GSMMA is not responsible for any loss caused by abnormal of this system, this service or the data you used.
  4. The GSMMA reserves all the right of interpretation of the terms of use.